The STEIN (rock) in the centre of DACHSTEINHOF gives our values a firm foundation

Moral values are more important to us than material values. 
Here are two examples:

We have deliberately mentioned a few negative features of our rooms. This has the disadvantage that we may appear worse than we really are, compared to others who only point out the positives. But it also has advantages: people of integrity appreciate it when the negatives are not swept under the mat, they appreciate honesty that takes disadvantages into account. This approach creates trust and is a good basis for encounters as we desire them with and for our guests in DACHSTEINHOF.

The smartphone person tends to focus more and more on screen-to-screen contacts. The panorama of mountains at our doorstep and the DACHSTEINHOF invite you to face-to-face conversations. Out in the nature there is quietness for deep conversations; inside the guesthouse we hope to attract people who prefer interacting with other people.

Our tree of values

This tree of values which we have developed for the Höchsmann GmbH is based on our conviction thata business or even a guesthousecan flourish if it is built up on solid values, and if it has staff who represent these values.

Value foundations



“For the sake of the environment, we would kindly ask our guests to re-use their towels”, is a notice which can often be found in hotels. At the DACHSTEINHOF we have the same request, but for a different reason: efficiency. We would love to run the guesthouse with the least possible effort to achieve maximum profit! We would love to have guests who are careful and sustainable with the facilities. By “profit” we don’t so much mean material profit but idealistic profit: For example, time for other people, time for guests, time for more important things.


In the DACHSTEINHOF there is a wrought-iron banister with a black PVC handrail in the staircase, the kind which was in fashion everywhere 40 years ago. It has kept well for its age – longer than it was in fashion. But just because it is no longer “in”, we have no intentions of getting rid of it; in fact, we are proud of our sturdy banister. Sustainability and continuity are important to us.

The Rock

Our values are also built to last: on the DACHSTEINHOF logo a symbol is displayed which is out of fashion today. Who and what lies behind this symbol is as durable as a rock and stands for permanent values, which are not here today and gone tomorrow. The Ramsau author Hans-Peter Royer once described this symbol with the following quotation: “You have to die, before you can live; so that you can live, before you die”. This dying – as opposed to our own striving and pride – is our gain.