Guest house

The ending „Hof“ in the name “Dachsteinhof” stands for our guest house in the mountains.

If you were to classify the Dachsteinhof in the hotel star system, it would probably be awarded one star with the additional “(….)”. As a travelling businessman I have slept in countless beds, yet the fruit salad at breakfast was often made from conserved canned fruit. Once I experienced something very unusual in a hotel on the Costa Brava in an excellent location. One proud shone on the wall of the hotel but at breakfast the next morning there was a huge bowl of fresh strawberries as part of the buffet. A simple house without too much luxury obviously has the potential to surprise its guests. There are several things which are more important to us than stars: values, efficiency, practicality and an economic mentality. One example: we don’t need to offer extravagant wine, as fantastic glacier water comes out of our taps. Something which outdoor sports people appreciate!

Training Centre

„Business as unusual“

The Höchsmann Company uses the guest house in the off-peak season for “business-as-unusual”, an unusual approach to office work in a group. Staff don’t just take part in job training at the Dachsteinhof, they also practise team-building together in the mountains. The training consists of office efficiency and machine technology.


Friendly atmosphere

The Dachsteinhof offers 3 apartments and 7 guest rooms with a total of 35 beds, excluding the owners’ apartments. In addition, there is a guest lounge with billiard table, dining room and a ski hut with shoe heaters. Wind-sheltered balconies, terraces and benches adorn the house from all sides. An 800m² field to the south of the house belongs to the property. There is also a small play area for children with two nest swings and a trampoline, and a table tennis table for general use outside.

Finnish Sauna

The basement of our guesthouse features a Finnish sauna which offers space for approximately 6 people and a relaxation room. It is accessible via an external staircase.

Food and drinks

A healthy breakfast

At the moment, the only meal we offer is breakfast and our motto is “class, not mass”. We prefer healthy and natural products and refrain from using excessive amounts of sugar and fat. During the daytime we offer free herbal tea and glacier water. For guests in our apartments we offer bun-service for extra charges.