adventure camp

Mountain and adventure camp

This is a German speaking camp offer.

If you enjoy being active in the mountains and would like to take advantage of the many opportunities there, then our leisure activities at the Dachsteinhof are just right for you:

Wonderful views, varied hiking trails, 22 via ferratas, mountain biking and much more.
And we want to make the most of these offers. Every day, after a rich breakfast buffet, there are different hiking offers (sure-footedness on unpaved paths required) and the opportunity to get to know other mountain sports or simply enjoy the beauty of nature.
After a delicious evening meal, we want to look together at Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount and be inspired by God.

Our host is the Dachsteinhof, a cozy Christian guesthouse on the edge of Ramsau (the filming location of the mountain rescuers) with a fantastic mountain view.

The house parents Raphael and Stephi are enthusiastic outdoor sports enthusiasts themselves and can provide helpful tips and route suggestions.
Stephi, a trained herbalist, will offer a herb hike for those interested.
offer a herb hike. Raphael is a mountain tour guide
our range of mountain tours.

We recommend everyone who is out and about in the mountains to become a member of the German Alpine Club. In addition to lots of information and services, membership also covers mountain rescue. The “Gipfelkreuz” section combines mountains and faith.
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camp management:
Stephi and Raphael Schmelz (house parents Dachsteinhof)
Gudrun and Gottfried Schwehn (mountain friends from Witten/Ruhr)

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